A Bedroom Conversation Between Two Girls Who Are Not in Love

Zoe: My question was; how do you know when you’ve found the one.

Zoella: I mean . . . is there a one?

Zoe: You’re right you just killed my question.

Zoella: I mean do you think there’s a one?

Zoe: I don’t know man! If there is I-I want it to be true y’know?

Zoella: Yeah, I mean who doesn’t want it to be true? Like who doesn’t want to think that there’s someone out there just for you, perfect for you?

Zoe: I feel like-Yeah exactly-I-I feel like if the one is true like all the chaos in the world like anything can happen there’s just this sort of order to it like there’s fate or something like that like there’s supposed to be someone that you’re meant to be with. There’s like a period at the end of the sentence. That’s what I feel like the one is supposed to be.

Zoella: The period at the end of the sentence?

Zoe: Yeah like “Ah this is it” you know? Like it’s done. It’s final.

Zoella: It’s done? Like love or . . . everything?

Zoe: Not it’s done but like the feeling of just like aah there’s a meaning to life. Or like this isn’t just chaos like “oh there is the one!”

Zoella: Like finding your purpose?

Zoe: yeah purpose yeah! Someone like my other half

Zoella: oh ok so then your belief in like “is there a one” is tied to your like understanding of the meaning of life?

Zoe: Yeah yeah

Zoella: So then the meaning of life for you is love?

Zoe: Kind of yeah. Part of it. I don’t know.

Zoella: What’s the other part?

Zoe: I don’t know. There’s like a lot of things I don’t know about life so I’m just like oh it’s just a part of-it’s just what I know. Like so far.

Zoella: I mean yeah I think love is important it’s gotta be like central. Um but love . . . romantic love? Does it have to be romantic love? I feel like you could have a fulfilled life without it being romantic.

Zoe: yeah that’s true.

Zoella: like as long as you have love from like your friends and your peers and like you love what you do you do what you love y’know?

Zoe: yeah that’s true. That’s true. Some people like pick careers over y’know significant others. Cuz they’re not significant enough.

Zoella: I mean they could be significant but I mean like if they can’t give you what you want out of life y’know?

Zoe: yeah . . .



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