Is There “A One”?

In talking about love it’s hard to keep one’s attention from turning to “Soul Mates”. Everybody wants to know if they can expect to find “the one” or if that’s about as reasonable still believing in Santa Claus at 23. To shed some light on the subject we sent some questions to Natalie known on instagram/youtube as Natalie (The Believer) a spiritual life coach and intuitive empath. Here’s what she had to say about Soul Mates and “true love” ideology.
You describe yourself as an intuitive empath on your Instagram. Do you mind
explaining what that means?
Sure. I’m so glad you asked, because there is a difference between an Empath and an
Intuitive Empath. Empaths are naturally sensitive people who feel the energy, emotions, and thoughts of others quite unintentionally on a subconscious level. Because Empaths absorb the energy of people and their surroundings, they can suffer a great deal with unexplained moodiness, not able to tell the difference between their own emotions and the feelings and emotions of others. As an Intuitive Empath, I am able to tune in consciously to the energetic inner state of others and situations. This allows me to interpret the causes and ultimately possibilities for healing and growth. I use my Gifts to share guidance with those in need – empowering them to find clarity, deeper meaning and realization of their full Spiritual potential.
Do you believe in soulmates? If so could you tell us what your definition of a soulmate is?
Yes! Soulmates are for real, but in Truth, Soulmates are slightly different than how most people tend to think of them. A Soulmate is someone who you have and feel a strong energetic connection with, I like to call it a Soul Connection. The purpose of this Soul Connection is not romantic, although it may also be that, but first and foremost it is Spiritual. Soulmates come into your life to inspire you to awaken to a higher state of consciousness and challenge you to learn important life lessons. Soulmates can be friends, family members, or people who come into our lives at specific times for specific reasons. So indeed, you will encounter many Soulmates within the course of your lifetime.
Does everyone have a soulmate? How are you supposed to know if you’ve found “the one”?
Yes, everyone has a Soulmate, most people have several Soulmates based on the
lessons they are here to learn in this lifetime. You will know when you are in the
presence of a Soulmate because you will feel it intuitively. It may feel like you’ve known each other for years, although you just met, or even that you’ve been together in a past life. Soulmate connections are also intense. A Soulmate acts as a mirror, increasing your awareness of your True Self – this can often be a challenging experience. Once you’ve experienced and learned the lesson a Soulmate has been sent to challenge you with, the physical connection is no longer necessary and the relationship often comes to
an end.
People often use the term Soulmate and “The One” interchangeably, but these are
actually two different things. You will have many Soulmate connections in your lifetime. “The One” is actually a Life Partner, someone who serves as a best friend and romantic companion who satisfies your emotional, physical and mental needs.
To strive towards creating and maintaining healthy and balanced relationships, it is important to recognize the difference between a Soulmate and a Life Partner. A Soulmate is typically not the best person to form a romantic connection with for several reasons. With Soulmates, the connection is charged with intense energy and you will experience highs and lows as you learn the lessons you are destined to learn. More often than not, a Soulmate connection will not be forever as the relationship ends when the purpose is fulfilled. A Life Partner is someone you are highly compatible with – forming a deep friendship with based on shared values, mutual respect and physical attraction. Both people in a Life Partner relationship will have a conscious desire to remain physically together for the duration of their lifetime.
Do you have any advice about how people can recover from heartbreaks and continue to search for this person?
Recovering from heartbreak is a process, so I always encourage people to be patient and allow the journey of healing to unfold. Acknowledge that the Love you felt during the relationship was real, everyone comes into your Life with a purpose, and the time has come to move on to the next phase in your journey without your former flame. It is also important during the healing process to stay present, not replaying the fails of the relationship on mental repeat or stressing over what may happen in the future. Get busy and Love yourself! Spend time doing activities that nurture you and make you feel genuinely happy. It also helps to talk to a supportive friend, family member or professional to help you gain clarity around the lessons learned from the relationship experience. By really taking the time to Love yourself through this healing process, the good news is that you become more aligned with your authentic self, and you are more prepared to attract the person who will best fit your needs.
Is it possible for someone to go their whole life without finding this special person?
Soulmates come into your life when you are ready to fulfill certain life lessons. As you continue to journey within towards your True Self, you will always be found by your Soulmates in Divine Time.
Successful Life Partner relationships are attracted when you are emotionally and mentally prepared to manifest a mutually satisfying relationship. As with a Soulmate, a Life partner will be found only when the time is right.
Do you believe that someone can lead a fulfilling life without ever finding this person?
Yes, many single people live happy, fulfilled lives as a conscious decision. The lessons and growth attained in a committed relationship can be manifested on the journey to discovering yourself, pursuing your passions and sharing your Gifts freely. Some things are meant to manifest in this lifetime, and some things will blossom later in the development of your Soul. It is important to enjoy the moment and trust the journey.
Do you have any advice for people who are trying to find their soulmate right now?
If you are in search of your Soulmate right now, the best place to start is within. Do some soul-searching to determine who you Truly are, what your passions are, and align your Life with the Truth of your authentic self. Living an authentic life aligns your vibration with that of your Soulmate, attracting them to you when you are ready.
If you are in search of your Life Partner, you still need to start within! Once you know who you Truly are and live a Life consistent with your Truth, your Life Partner will recognize and be drawn to you magnetically.

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